Podcast Production

You didn't get into podcasting to spend hours mixing and editing your audio into each episode. You got into podcasting to broadcast great ideas and memorable conversations to the masses. For podcasters I offer my tools and knowledge to streamline the production process and help you produce more content faster.

Services I offer:

  • Editing - Send me your raw audio and I will edit your audio to a segment length of your choice.
  • Mixing / Mastering - I will polish up the sound of your podcast, making the volume consistent throughout and giving you a professional sounding product ready for broadcasting and delivered in your choice of audio format.
  • Intro/Outro Track - I will produce you an intro and outro track specifically made for your podcast.


Editing / Mixing / Mastering: $35.00 (per episode)

Intro / Outro Track: $50.00


  • Try to keep raw audio to no more than 90 minutes or price is subject to change.
  • Every speaking individual on the podcast must have their own audio track.
  • All related audio files should be named appropriately and in one of the following formats: (.wav, .mp3, .flac, .m4a, .aac)

For more information or to get started, contact me here.